My Work

Over my career I've have the opportunity to build products from scratch at fast-moving startups and lead UX overhauls of established enterprise products at Fortune 500 companies. 

From GoToMeeting (web conferencing) to InVision (high fidelity prototyping) to Basecamp 3 (project / company management), I love to build tools that help people get real work done, and enable them to do things they never thought possible.  

I contribute and lead across the entire design process – from research to execution. My primary focus is UX Design, but I've worn many hats along the way: Researcher, UI Designer, Art Director, and Product Manager. 

I've worked remotely for 6+ years. I thrive in a results-oriented environment, lead by example, and I'm pretty fun to work with (if I say so myself).

In the six years that I worked at Citrix, I worked across several teams in various capacities: 

  • As a Sr. UX Designer I learned a how to manage complexity, create scalable designs, conduct user research, and communicate effectively with executives. 
  • As a UX Architect, I learned how to build and scale design systems by curating an internal pattern library for our team of 20 UX Designers. 
  • As a certified Product Owner for my product engineering team, I became well-versed in agile / scrum methodologies, and learned how to rally team-members behind a shared product vision.
  • As an Art Director, I managed a team of 5 designers and prototypers, and learned how to be an effective people manager and leader. 

As the Director of Product at InVision for two years, I helped shape the overall feature-set and managed the product design process from inception to delivery. During my tenure, the InVision customer base doubled (from 1 to 2 million users). 

  • At InVision I learned how to build a product in a highly competitive and rapidly changing market (a bias towards action, rapid iteration / validation, decision making, roadmapping).  
  • I learned how to be an effective Product Manager by coordinating multiple teams, providing feedback on product direction and communicating status company-wide.
  • I learned how to "scale myself" by hiring and training additional product managers, and creating guiding principles and best practices that kept everyone on the same page.

As a Product Designer at Basecamp I wore many hats – operating as a "manager of one" for new feature design and development. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating tools that help small businesses stay on the same page and get meaningful work done. While at Basecamp:

  • I expanded my skillset to include front-end development (CoffeeScript + SASS + Ruby on Rails), learning directly from the best practitioners in the business.
  • I learned how to create a world-class remote culture that enables outsized productivity, job satisfaction, and business longevity.
  • Learned the power of open-sourcing lessons learned and sharing knowledge with the wider community to help others grow and prosper.