A Few Things I've Worked On

I've worked as a UX / Visual Designer and Product Manager on established enterprise products, startups, and quite a few things in between. 

As a Product Designer at Basecamp, I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of creating tools that help small businesses stay on the same page and get meaningful work done. 

As the Director of Product at InVision for two years, I helped shape the overall feature-set and managed the product design process from inception to delivery. During my tenure, the InVision customer base doubled (from 1 to 2 million users).

In the six years that I worked at Citrix, I worked across several teams in various capacities: 

  • As a Sr. UX Designer I learned a lot about managing complexity, creating scalable designs, user research testing, the importance of stakeholder buy-in and the virtues of clear communication. 
  • As a UX Architect, I learned how to scale design languages across multiple teams by creating an in-house pattern library for our team of 20 UX designers. 
  • As a certified Product Owner for my product engineering team, I became well-versed in agile / scrum methodologies, and learned how to rally team-members behind a shared product vision.
  • As an Art Director, I managed a team of 5 designers and prototypers, and learned a lot along the way about people management, and effective leadership.