From 2007 – 2014 I worked at Citrix as a Sr. UX Designer, UX Architect, and Art Director, primarily focusing on the suite of "GoTo" products (GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, ShareFile, etc).

  • My team designed desktop, mobile and web interfaces and flows for GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, ShareFile, XenDesktop and many other Citrix products. 
  • I created a design system and pattern library for the entire Citrix design team, spanning 50+ designers across 20 products. 
  • I was awarded a patent for my work on visualizing the future of integrated virtual workspaces for online collaboration and conferencing.  

Key Projects

Citrix Product Suite UI Harmonization

As an Art Director, I drove a cross-product harmonization of the Citrix "GoTo" product suite. The core challenge was to create a harmonic system that still allowed for individual product personality and the flexibility to translate across web, desktop and mobile. 

I facilitated workshops with the product design teams to identify and distill a set of core interaction design principles and patterns, created product design guidelines, archetype screens, and a UI icon library for the design team to use. This enabled a consistent Citrix brand across products, and empowered the design teams to move forward in a unified direction, with a shared vision. 

GoToMeeting and GoToManage iPad

As a Sr. UX Designer, bringing the GoToMeeting and GoToMange experience to the iPad was a fantastic opportunity to rethink the interface from the ground up. I worked with the engineering teams to make use of multi-touch gestures and custom URL schemes in iOS to make joining a meeting and starting a support session seamless. 

UX Team Pattern Library

As a UX Architect, I was responsible for implementing a team-wide component library. The primary goals were to increase the design team's efficiency and consolidate disparate product interfaces into unified components. I employed a combination of Evernote and Adobe Fireworks to sync design assets, which allowed drag-and-drop integration of UI components into Fireworks. 

Smashing Magazine asked me to write an article outlining my process for creating a pattern library using Fireworks and Evernote.