As the Director of Product at InVision for two years, I oversaw numerous product updates and major feature releases, including InVision V5, a complete overhaul of the app, rebuilt from the ground up for speed and clarity.

  • I worked directly with the CEO, Design, and Research teams to define new product features, provide art direction, and set product vision.
  • I conducted customer interviews with high-profile design teams to understand their design process and integrated the findings into our product design cycle.
  • I ran projects from inception to delivery, coordinating design and engineering teams, estimating scope, creating design documentation, coordinating release notes and launch materials with the marketing team. 
  • I hosted weekly company-wide calls to communicate engineering and design project status, and conducted internal and external demos of upcoming feature releases.

Key Project: InVision V5

InVision V5

By 2015 the InVision feature-set had grown tremendously over multiple iterations and was in need of a strategic unifying overhaul, focused on speed and clarity. As a Product Manager, my first step was to define the problems we needed to solve in detail. By working with the executive leadership team, interviewing customers and analyzing support dataI identified and prioritized key workflows that were in need of a performance and UX refresh.

I created a roadmap of work, uncovered and mitigated dependencies with the engineering teams, and received approval from the executive team to begin v5. I presented the v5 vision to the design and engineering teams to get strategic buy-in and build excitement around a shared vision.

As the teams worked through the 6 month project, I gathered feedback on prototypes from customers, facilitated company-wide demos of work in progress, adjusted scope and timelines as needed, and provided design feedback to the design and engineering teams.   

InVision v5 launched smoothly – hitting all major milestones and performance benchmarks along the way. It was overwhelmingly applauded by customers, and set the foundation for the next generation of features for the InVision platform. 

Additional Projects I Worked On:

Sketch Integration: Turn your Sketch designs into interactive prototypes. 

DO UI Kit: The most versatile to-do app UI kit you've ever seen.

iPhone 6 Skins: Prototype and preview your designs inside iPhone 6 skins.